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Frequently asked questions for parents

  • What age can my child start attending the Da Vinci Bricks program?

    Our cool clickers program is for children 4-6 years old. The Lego Lab program is for children ages 6-12.

  • How long do Da Vinci Bricks sessions last?

    Cool clickers run for 45 minutes, while Lego Lab lasts 75 minutes.

  • Are the lessons too long that the children already lose inetrest?

    No they don’t. Lessons are given at the start of the subject, followed by the construction, and then they play with the finished model. Students don’t even realize how much time has passed because enjoyment.

  • When can my child enroll on Da Vinci Bricks?

    Anytime of the year.

  • How many students in each class?

    The Lego Lab can have a maximum of 16 students. Cool clickers can accomodate up to 12 students. The small number of students allows the teachers to give each student the attention and recognition they deserve to achieve their personal best.

  • We are not sure if our child is interested in Da Vinci Bricks, Can our child try out some classes?

    Yes, it is possible, if there are available slots with the regular classes. If your child is happy after trying it out, you can then proceed with enrollment.

Frequently asked questions for organizations

  • Our organization is interested in including Da Vinci Bricks in our program. Is it possible?

    Yes, it is possible. Please contact us so we can discuss this further.

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