Cool Clickers

Lesson length: 45 minutes

Intended age group: 4 – 6 years

Our unique  enrichment program for preschool develops children’s motor, and spatial skills while exploring geometric shapes and the animal kingdom using unique flexible parts.

We believe that children best absorb these subjects through hands-on educational experience.

The course will provide a hands-on educational experience – discovering basic engineering solutions. It exposes children to engineering terminology, as well as terms that are taken from the animal kingdom, science and their current world. Children will develop self-learning skills, both in terms of building technique and knowledge. In addition, the children will develop communication skills while learning and play with their friends.

Topics covered include

  • Foundational physics theories such as balance and flotation
  • Different types of animals
  • The natural world – pollination and symbiosis
  • Space, Earth and the Solar System
  • Basic geometry
  • Vehicles such as boats, cars and trucks, including a discussion on road safety


Aims of the program

  • Developing motor skills
  • Improving social interaction
  • Improving self-expression
  • Nurturing creative thinking
  • Broadening horizons and introducing foundational theories about the world around us
  • Boosting self-confidence