Let us say welcome again. We are happy you are here and very proud to introduce Da Vinci Bricks (DVB) educational programs, a globally renowned, award-winning, study enrichment courses from the U.S. One that teach the concepts of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in a real fun way.

It’s a world where technology is constantly developing and improving. A world where parents understand the increasing importance of giving their children the best education possible in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (AKA, STEM).

Here at Da Vinci Bricks we strongly believe in supporting and helping parents (and kids) realize that goal, by preparing for an evolving environment, one where inventing, creating and initiating are the names of the game and what a fun game this is!

DVB courses integrate efficient studying with play, which is the activity most enjoyed by children (and probably adults). This makes the learning experience fun, while enhancing the child’s absorption of the theoretical lessons being taught. With all due respect for fun, this has been proven by studies showing significant improvement in students’ grades on the subjects covered. While participating in DVB programs, children are able to clearly visualize and apply physics, engineering and mathematics concepts through the use of motorized LEGO® bricks models. How clever is that?

The program comes with a complete curriculum for the whole school year. Separate curricula are also available for trimesters and summer camps to accommodate different schedules and preferences. Special activities for birthday parties, special needs children and senior citizens are also available. Our well-trained teachers are carefully screened in terms of their skills in both teaching and handling children. So let’s step into the future. It is already here.

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